My Skills:


I am  a professional Dominatrix based in Montreal who has trained extensively in the art of domination.  I specialize in various techniques involving Impact play, Electro play, etc, and thoroughly enjoys the psychological aspect of domination.  My innate instincts for sadism fuel my passion for BDSM.  My natural dominant presence commands attention.  My talent entices others to delve into their psyche, and divulge their deepest darkest thoughts.  During FemDom sessions, I thrive on fear and reactions.  I feed off them. Incredibly skilled at reading body language, every squirm, breath, twinge, ignites something within.

I live out this lifestyle passionately.       


I am also  an involved an active educator in the Montreal Fetish scene, and I attend events weekly in the city, as well as around the world.   I give workshops that help educate others on many topics concerning kink.  This enables the understanding of BDSM in a positive light and helps demystify what it isn’t.  


There are many activites involved in bdsm.  From soft to the very hard core.  


             ***Sensual domination is available for those

                               not into pain in any way.***



Ready to worship your goddess?